Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sun Energy Sound's Long Lost Live Album Available For Download

Sun Energy Sound - Nose on the Faceless Red: Live in Torrance, CA (7/12/09)

Download it here
1) Dosing Gumbo Pete's Blind Melting Metamorphous
2) Face in the Wood
3) Soaring Saburrr
4) Blood
5) Shit Crickets
6) Now Wanderer

The highlight of everyone's summer, Dylan-era-Sun Energy Sound's set at the Psychedelicate Fundraiser was believed to be a myth. The people who attended to this day refuse to speak of it. For a band that might not even exist anymore, they sure tear it up Dylan Davis style. Give this link to all your friends, maybe it'll convince Sun Energy Sound to get back together (if they haven't already).

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