Sunday, January 31, 2010

Crowcat Featured on The FMLY Blog!

Our bros at The FMLY featured a Crowcat track on their blog!

The FMLY, best known for their popular blog, their bike rides and their raucous shows, are a community as much as they are a record label. FMLY has members throughout the country and fans throughout the world. Our paths have crossed, through some cosmic miracle, many times and we can honestly say they are everything they claim to be and more. Whats more, they have featured the Crowcat track "Fragments of Old Selves" on their blog!

Read the post here

Support them by going to their shows/rides and buying their albums!

Some FMLY bands to look out for:
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Professor Calculus
but really, just see for yourself!

All of Our Downloads on ONE BLOG!

As a treat to you all I thought I would post all of the free downloads we have to offer all in 1 post!

Crowcat - Freestreet - EP


Sun Energy Sound - Nose on the Faceless Red Live (7/12/09)


Teeth Gnashers - I Have Never Been Colder - EP


The Muddy Flowers - Summer Pop Songs - EP

Psychedelicate Records on Rate Your Music

Check us out on Rate Your!

Complete discography and whatnot is available from there.
Click HERE to see it!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

PR07: Crowcat - Freestreet (EP)

Sun Energy Sound's Crowcat releases solo EP

click here to download

1. Puzzle Jungle
2. Fragments of Old Selves
3. Clapping Fire
4. High in the Air
5. Shadow of Purple 'n Clouds

Bass, Guitar, Effects, Drums, Kalimba, Chair, Voice

Art by Julia and Mike

Recorded: January 2010
Released: 1/26/10

Psychedelicate Records (PR07)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Live Footage: Jules Verne Live at McWorld

Filmed By: Tan Dollar
Edited By: Wonder Wheel & Tan Dollar

Check out the rest of their tour series on youtube!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Some Lost Footage of Sun Energy Sound

Some hilarious lost footage from the self-described "butt-rock" days of Sun Energy Sound. Both of these songs can be heard on their long lost live album which can be downloaded here

Your Body As a Temple Cover Album

To accompany the release of our best friend Tan Dollar's insane new CD, Your Body As a Temple, we are putting together a song by song cover album. Friends of Tan Dollar will cover one song each as a tribute to our favorite band.

1. LC's Choice
2. Doug Jam
3. Grow-Op by The Muddy Flowers
4. Tan Dollar
5. Untitled by Weed Diamond
6. Little Bird
7. Ice Palace
8. Alive Today
9. Something
10. Strength
11. The Turning Point by Dash Jacket
12. Six Feet
13. Epic Mana

If you would like to contribute, just let us or somebody know and record your favorite track from the album of albums.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

FMLY bros on tour

Come out tonight to see Jules Verne, Tan Dollar, Wonder Wheel, Weed Diamond, Dash Jacket, Verbs and Professor Calculus at the 5011 aka McWorld.

Introducing Moriel Berger

The newest member of the Psychedelicate Family!

Moriel Berger is our newest artist and one of our most exciting. Moriel, a denizen of Los Angeles now located in New York City, makes insanely good music in a style that is overwhelmingly original and exciting. A self-proclaimed "post-post-modernist", Moriel sings songs that are in turns beautiful, catchy and delightfully fucked up.
Ms. Berger already has two EPs available for download for FREE from
Work in Progress
Keep Me Toasty
We expect nothing but amazing things from this young artist!

Stay tuned for Moriel Berger's first official Psychedelicate Releases
and a rumored west coast tour with the muddy flowers this summer.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Crowcat's Puzzle Jungle

Now available for listening!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Salvation Mountain

"in the desert near Niland, CA there is a mountain, Salvation Mountain"

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Muddy Flowers are Playing Another Jumpin' Chupacabra Show!

Muddy Flowers on January 11, 2010

The Muddy Flowers are playing another FREE Jumpin' Chupacabra show in Irvine, CA on 1/11/10. This will be an acoustic show with 3 other rad bans so don't miss this! In other Muddy Flowers news, Amir has decided to start taking his "winter" songs to the stage and is currently forming the Muddy Flowers band and will start playing some fully electric shows. If you know of any shows coming up, let us know and we'll get the Muddy Flowers playing and touring in no time!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Crowcat is Currently Working on a Solo Project

Crowcat of Sun Energy Sound

Crowcat, one half of the seemingly defunct avant-garde duo Sun Energy Sound, is currently recording a solo record. We have no idea what to expect from this young man, only that it will be incredibly good and we cannot wait for more news. For those who don't know, Crowcat got his start recording with Tan Dollar in 2007 and then with the hip hop crew Fadesdale. In 2009, he started the noise band Space Earwax that later changed it's name to Sun Energy Sound and played a few noise shows. Their legendary lost live album can be found on this blog, just dig around for it, or click here.

Listen to the first of the tracks to come out of this project on their myspace

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

We Welcome Mike McDowell to the Psychedelicate Family

Mike McDowell is now Co-Executive of Psychedelicate Records

As of today Michael McDowell will be taking over Justin Chambers' duties as co-executive of Psychedelicate Records. Mr. Chambers has started up his own label called Dungeon Garbage and he will be focusing on that in this time of his life. Support this D.I.Y. metal label and visit their blog We fully support Justin and this decision and we can't wait to see what the future holds and needless to say we would welcome him back with open arms!

In other news, Sun Energy Sound is currently recording a new album this winter. Stay tuned for more news on that!

Jules Verne - Radio Adventure Theatre (EP)

Radio Adventure Theatre is now available for purchase

Jules Verne played an excellent show tonight at the Smell, don't miss them tomorrow at UC Irvine! They will be selling their new EP which as of today is out in all of it's glory. You can only get it in person from Ilya at one of his shows, so get the hell out there! We would like to thank our buddy Mike Trombatore for helping us get the EPs out on time for the FMLY DNR TR! Also, thanks to everyone who showed up at the show tonight and danced to Jules Verne and to our friends Philip Seymour Hoffman and Professor Calculus, we bid you farewell as you tour California!

"Opening for railcars and Former Ghosts, two of my favorite bands, is like a musical-dream come true for me" - Ilya Sandomirsky

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sun Energy Sound's Long Lost Live Album Available For Download

Sun Energy Sound - Nose on the Faceless Red: Live in Torrance, CA (7/12/09)

Download it here
1) Dosing Gumbo Pete's Blind Melting Metamorphous
2) Face in the Wood
3) Soaring Saburrr
4) Blood
5) Shit Crickets
6) Now Wanderer

The highlight of everyone's summer, Dylan-era-Sun Energy Sound's set at the Psychedelicate Fundraiser was believed to be a myth. The people who attended to this day refuse to speak of it. For a band that might not even exist anymore, they sure tear it up Dylan Davis style. Give this link to all your friends, maybe it'll convince Sun Energy Sound to get back together (if they haven't already).

Monday, January 4, 2010

Jules Verne Blurb on Rebel Blog

Photo: Brian Vu

to view the Rebel Magazine Blog post: click here

Check them out on myspace

Tan Dollar CD Release Show Tonight

Alive Tonight

Tan Dollar's CD release party/show is tonight at UC Irvine [via Acrobatics Everyday]. Being the rad bros that we are, Tan Deezie were nice enough to let us have an advance copy of their new album Your Body As a Temple and all we can say is, this album NEEDS to be heard by everyone. YBAAT is definitely going to turn a lot of heads and shake a lot of asses, so get out to UCI and show your support tonight. If you can't make it to Irvine tonight, hit up any one of their shows as they tour with their Mirror Universe labelmate Weed Diamond.

For their tour dates: click here

To download the track "Tan Dollar" from Your Body As a Temple: click here

other links:
Tan Dollar's Blog
No Conclusion
Their producer, Paul Rosales' band

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Get fuq'd with Jules Verne this winter break!

Our buddies from the OC are coming of age and going on a wild ride through California. Peep Jules Verne at any of these shows! Check out their song "I Want to do Drugs With You" from their forthcoming Psychedelicate release "Radio Adventure Theatre" on the myspace!

Los Angeles January 5th
@ The Smell w/ Former Ghosts, Railcars, Mother Mackenzie, Professor Calculus, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jules Verne

Irvine January 6th
@ UCI Acrobatics Everyday w/ Professor Calculus, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jules Verne, Verbs

Santa Barbara January 7th
@ Biko Garage w/ Railcars, Professor Calculus, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jules Verne, and Verbs

Santa Cruz January 8th (Day show)
@ 219 leonard st. w/ Railcars, Professor Calculus, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jules Verne, and Verbs

San Francisco January 8th (Night show)
@ El Rincon w/ Railcars, Professor Calculus, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jules Verne, Mistlefinger, and Verbs

Bay Area January 9th
@ TBA w/ Professor Calculus, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jules Verne, Mistlefinger, and Verbs

Fresno January 10th
@ Audie's Olympic w/ Professor Calculus, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jules Verne, Fay Wrays, Rademacher, and Verbs

Los Angeles January 16th
@ 5011 W. Adams Blvd w/ Wonder Wheel, Professor Calculus, Tan Dollar, Weed Diamond, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jules Verne